Have you noticed lameness in your herd? A higher rate of infertility? Reduced and poor performance? Is your Somatic Cell Count high, your herd affected by disease, poor immunity or even increased mortality? These are just some of the symptoms of mycotoxins.

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are substances produced by moulds and fungi as a form of defence mechanism when under stress. They are toxic to animals and people.

Mycotoxins cost New Zealand’s farmers thousands of dollars in lost productivity and compromise animal health every year. Every farmer wants the best possible profitability for their farm – less milk and more vet fees impact your farm’s ability to achieve this. Herd health is just as important so it’s crucial that the right measures are taken to mitigate these silent killers.

Alltech’s mycotoxin analysis survey found that over 100% of New Zealand dairy feed samples were contaminated with at least one mycotoxin. This means that 100% of New Zealand’s farmers are affected.

Mycotoxins can occur both in the field and off the field. This is what makes them difficult to manage.

The impact of mycotoxins can be reduced through good management techniques, thought it is difficult to ensure naturally occurring materials will be toxin free through these techniques alone. Utilising a researched management process in conjunction with a proven mycotoxin binder will build you the best results for your farm’s profitability and your herd’s health.

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